GARDA LAKE ♥ garda House
Lago di Tenno
songs of brooks, a green lake and mountains around
"To drink the silence, to be wrapped in grass.

I am walking along Tenno, hugging every stone, every berry with my hands, my eyes, and my whole being. The ground is springy under my feet. The road leads to the lake, then to the stone steps, then into the forest, closing over my head. And almost no one is around. The pulse of life and silence. Sometimes something clicks in the bushes, and the brook whispers me its tales.

This is the sylvan ancient happiness.
Nowhere, in no city of the world, it whirls me as it does in the mountains, in the forests, by the lakes."

The mountains sing lullabies to Tenno and the forests cover it. You can swim here in the summer, but my soul finds autumn walks along the shore more attractive. Those who are looking for absolute silence and unity with nature, the lake will meet with a warning: you can't listen to music, talk loudly, or make any other noise.

So what may I do?

1. Manage to visit a brook, to walk in the grass and on the ancient stone steps in just one hour.
2. Discover an island in the center of the lake and the road leading to it.
3. Read books, leaning against the nearest tree.
4. Play pirates with the kids.
5. Imbibe. Listen attentively.
6. Become happier.⠀
Close to the lake you will find Borgo Medievale di Canale, a village entered to the list of 100 most beautiful villages in Italy. The village Casa degli artisti is a place of attraction of artists. I like what Nastya wrote about this place. I would like to share her story about Tenno.

Olya from the Garda House
  • The route
    The way here from the Garda House by car takes about an hour. Drive to Riva and slowly climb up the mountain, enjoying the looks of the Trentino vineyards, until you stop at the parking lot by the lake.
Walk around the Garda House
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