One house on Lake Garda
Six rooms
What room to choose in Garda House?
This question is rather important, which is why we have prepared the stories about our rooms for you. Get to know them, look at them, imagine what it feels like staying in them. Afterwards tell us which room you fell in love with, which one cento percento hit the bull's eye – we'll book it for you.
Floor 1 // The Garden Room
This is the room where varnished headboards glitter in the sunlight, so does a sumptuous amber coloured dressing table. Only a small door in the wall gives a nudge that this room used to be a kitchen some time ago. Now you can leave your suitcase in the former buttery.

You can put the beds together or separate them. Guests staying in this room have a bathroom with a window, a shower cabin and a small bathtub to bath a baby. The bathtub is only on the first floor, guests of both rooms may use it.

This is the only room in the house the balcony of which continues with a staircase leading to the garden, which is why it is called the Garden Room.

Floor 1 / 2 windows: view of Lake Garda and the Alps / 2 beds / direct garden access /a bathroom with a bath / 18 sq. m.
Floor 1 // The Family Room
This is the room which our designers Nastya and Natasha created almost from ground zero. New furniture: a double bed for adults and a bunk bed for children, a wardrobe with a mirror and a spacious chest of drawers made the room a favorite of traveling families. Now try to book it :-)

Even though there is only one window in the room, it has a lake view. Although the guests living across the hall shall share the same bathroom, it also has a window and a real bath, where you can bathe your child (or take a bath yourself).

There is something hedonistic about it: a bubble bath where someone luxuriates with a glass of Prosecco and looks at the lake... dolce vita!

Floor 1 / one window: view of Lake Garda / 4 beds / a bathroom with a bath / 18 sq. m.
Floor 2 // The White Room
We used to throw Grandpa Veronese's furniture, which was bulky, antiquated and smelling mothballs, out of this room. Right out of the window. The wardrobes could barely get through a door. Now there is new furniture, floaty cotton curtains and the feeling of space in the room.

Families with children choose this room very often as there is a bunk coach here, which means three berths. Girls also like this room for its lightness and a sense of space, very often they come with their friends. Once Olya and Artem, a newly married couple, stayed here.

Just imagine what magnetism this room has.

Floor 2 / balcony / view of Lake Garda / view of the Alps / three berths + a crib / 18 sq. m.
Floor 2 // The Blue Room
Last September, Nika and Maxim, artists from Perm, stayed in this room. I do not know when they had an idea to decorate the walls of the room with blue ribbons, but... we trusted their gut for creativity and – now we have this marvel.

It is a cozy room both for solo travelers or for a couple; it is pretty intimate and moderately romantic. Here you can lie around in a large bed, gazing at white triangles of yacht sails at the windows, or you can step out on the balcony, nestle in a chair under an olive tree with a glass of Prosecco and a book and practice your dolce far niente.

Floor 2 / balcony with an olive tree / view of Lake Garda / view of the Alps / 2 berths / 14 sq.m.
Floor 3 // A room for romantics
A luxurious dressing table with a mirror in front of which you can forget about the time, and a bed with a massive headboard we inherited from Grandpa Veronese. We brightened up a beautiful story with a velvet chair, which became a king of photo shoots, a coffee table, as old as a dressing table, and a forged magazine basket.

The view from the window was spectacular right from the beginning. The higher you live, as you know, the further you can see. So get up to the top floor and take all the impressions of life under the Italian tiled roof.

It is nice to stay here alone or with someone. Conceivably, it is possible to put an extra bed, but... if you're traveling with a family, you'd better think of the next room. If you travel with your beloved person, who is a real connoisseur of history, this room is definitely your option.

Floor 3 / a room with history/ the best view of Lake Garda / view of the Alps / 2 berths / an extra bed if necessary / 18 sq.m.
Floor 3 // The Bee Room
Last year in May, we came to accept the house and were surprised to see that… bees settled on here before us. They built a charming little nest between the glass and window shutters in one of the rooms and were buzzing all the time. What to do? Should we meddle their nest? It's scary and worrying at the same time. We definitely should call somebody. But whom? We don't know anyone here.

Adel found a solution: she offered to call all the beeyards nearby with a request for assistance. In a couple of hours, a girl wearing a suit of a stormtrooper removed a hive, packed our bees into a box and took away to her beeyard.

Children decided that they would come to visit the bees, and the adults began to call this room the Bee Room. That is why mirrors in the shape of a honey comb, bee wall hooks and honey color walls appeared there as a reflection of the bee story, and the room got its official name.

Four berths: a double bed for adults and a double-bunk bed for children. No balcony, which means no one would put his or her curious head between balcony rails. The window offers a magnificent view.

Floor 3 /a family room / the best view of Lake Garda / a view of the Alps / 4 berths / 18 sq. m.
Kitchen and some other things
Whichever room you choose, you always get a breakfast (the one on the main photo),
a fireplace room and a kitchen,
where you have everything to fiddle with Italian food,
a vine-twined garden with olive trees,
between which floaty alluring hammocks are stretched,
and a summer home theater.

See you at Lake Garda!
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