For cozy travel
in small groups or with a big family
'Hypothetically, what do you think about living on Lake Garda and run a small hotel?'
The history of our house began with this message.
Anton Kirillovich
has always wanted to have his own house on Lake Garda, where he could go windsurfing, enjoy mountain hiking and views which relieve office stress.
has always dreamed about a creative hotel where you would like to return not because of the rooms, but due to its magnetism and a pleasant feeling of 'homing'.
Anton Leonidovich
was aspired to cook pasta for the Italians so they would go for seconds.
wanted to make dreams come true. She came up with the idea that all of us, people far from the hotel business, could make it. She wrote a letter to Olya representing our hotel as a fantasy and we met our first guest in a year.
Today the House on Lake Garda makes your dreams come true: Sveta is reading at the window and admiring the lake, Marina is handling a powerboat, and Victoria found a place she was searching for a long time but without success on Google. Read the stories of our guests and create your own.
Different people and different dreams, and the Garda House makes them all come true. Why is it so?

The Garda House: Everybody feels good here

Lake Garda is like a jewel box where everyone finds something to his or her liking. Leisure activities and sports on Lake Garda do not contradict relaxing and contemplative repose. Children aged one to sixty enjoy lying in our hammocks under the olive trees. Tasting kidney beans cooked according to Francesco's mum recipe often results in a public promise to climb Punta Telegrafo
(the southernmost peak of the Alps, the one that is behind our house) the next day.

The lake in our area is clean and transparent; it warms up to 26 degrees by July, and you can enjoy lazing in thermal springs from October to March, after or instead of skiing in the mountains.

Lake Garda for men: surfing, fishing and hiking

to learn surfing from scratch or get a certificate of a professional surfer

Lake Garda is a natural wind tunnel; there is always wind there so don't hesitate to use it. It takes only 10 minutes to get to Xkite club from the House. You will learn how to control a sport cruiser at Aquafresca school. Europa Surf and Sail, located a bit to the north along the coast, welcomes fans of windsurfing and pedal boats.
to catch persico, this is how a perch is called in Italian, and maybe even lavarello (river trout) in the place where World Fishing Championships are held deserves respect. Fishing in Lake Garda is a licensed activity (13 euro for 3 months.), and we will provide you with fishing rods.
to leave the house and easily investigate the foothills of the Alps. Several hiking trail ways pass through our House. They are all of varying length and difficulty but all with spectacular views and tourist signs.
Punta Telegrafo, the southernmost peak of the Alps and the second highest peak of Baldo, is right behind our house. If you drive a part of the way by car, climbing will take about 4 hours. At the top of the peak, you will meet cows, fir trees and the views which make you forgive your shaking knees. Special shoes and a warm jacket is a must-have even in August.
A piece of advice from Anton Kirillovich:

Lake Garda for women: contemplation and pleasure

Italian pleasures of life:
Make a route in which a hamper has a solo and the background of it are the farms and wine-growing areas of Veneto (Bardolino, Valpolicella, Lugana and Soave). To visit a mercantino yielding to a sudden impulse and to regret that you cannot take a nice table made in the fifties with you, and then comfort yourself with a set of glasses, as old as you are, for 8 euro.
Dolce far niente:
The joy of doing nothing. Getting enough sleep. Sometimes we just want to sleep and not to hurry. To meet the morning in the bed looking at the lake. To have a cup of coffee on the balcony under the olive tree, and then to hit the most unknown path to search for the 12th century churches, rosemary bushes and hear boungiorno from the neighboring houses. Or to go to the outlet. When you had a good sleep, you can go to the outlet. Thank God there are many of them in Italy.
A boat:
to dive from the boat or lie on it, looking for a shooting angle to take a photo of your tanned legs — only you can choose. The wind, the sun and water splashes are something you will not have a chance to avoid. You can rent a boat (60 euro per hour, with a capacity of 5-6 persons) in Brenzone or Malcesine, both towns are near the house. You can go by ferry or a lake bus.
If your dream is a white boat, a glass of Prosecco and the wind in your hair, but the captain was not at hand — do not think about "some other time", look for Anton. He will help to make this dream come true immediately.
A piece of advice from Adel:

Children at Lake Garda:
bare-footed childhood, gelato and beaches

Running barefoot on the grass all day, and then playing pirates or house. Make a swing out of hammocks, turn Grandpa's Veronese's Cantina into a secret clubhouse. Let parents go to Verona to hear an opera, because a swimming pool, cats and tubby sweet grapes are beyond competition. Kostya, Olya and Anton's son, who lives in the House permanently, has three Lego boxes, a collection of Nerf guns, and books for evening reading. The children who come to visit us have companions for games — Kostya and Polina.
The most delicious ice cream in the world is made in Italy, and the most delicious ice cream at Lake Garda (according to the guests' opinion) is sold in the cafe Barino 2.0. by the lake.
The Gardaland amusement park, Sea Life aquarium, Canevaworld water park, Movieland Studios amusement Park, Natura Viva Zoo — children will never get bored at Lake Garda.
Bring your parents to the beach in the morning and swim, dive and come for Margarita to a cafe (delicious and costs only 5 euro) until it gets dark. Go around all the beaches in the neighborhood to find your favorite.
Beaches along Lake Garda are covered with pebbles so do not forget to buy in advance (or right here) rubber shoes to protect your gentle heels.
A piece of advice from Anton Leonidovich

Grandpa Veronese's House

Our House was built on a hill, 600 meters away from the main highway of Lake Garda, which is why here you feel special tranquility. Whisper of vine leaves and birds singing replace here the obnoxious city noise.

Valentino Veronese, a 95-year-old man, who gave us the house, lived here for a long time. He planted olive trees and pomegranate trees here, made wine in a small cantina, and read books about the history of Brenzone in the evenings. We have kept all this, and it turned out as if we all have an Italian grandfather who we can come to visit in his country house.
Today the house consists of six rooms, two rooms on each floor, and a kitchen from where you can step out into the garden, covered with vines. Each floor has its own bathroom.

The windows of all the rooms face both the lake and the mountains. Open the shutters, let the wind from the lake in and no air conditioner is needed. The fresh air of the mountains and lake is much tastier.

A spacious kitchen connected with the garden has three stoves, two ovens and a couple of refrigerators, so it is very comfortable to cook here. We have breakfast in the fireplace room connected to the kitchen, and in the evening we gather there to watch a movie or discuss the impressions of the day.

There is an outdoor fireplace, another spacious table, which is convenient for having breakfasts even when fifteen people are sitting at it, and two separate tables in the garden for those who need some privacy. A swimming pool, lounge chairs, and hammocks are also there.

You can rent a room, a floor or even a whole house.
Now the house can accommodate 17 people.
The rooms on the third floor are quieter; it is convenient to rent this floor for a family. The top floor pampers our guests with the best views of the lake and boats. The rooms of the second floor have balconies. If a view and a glass of Prosecco in your hand, a chair on the balcony is how you imagine a romance, live on the second floor.
A piece of advice from Olya:

How to get to Lake Garda

From Verona
The closest and most convenient way

The distance from Verona: 36 km
Travelling time: about 1 hour
From Milan
It takes longer than from Verona but shorter than from Venice

The distance from Milan: 160 km
Travelling time: about 2 hours
From Venice
The longest and most expensive way
But still there are some options.
The whole world is around the house,
even if you do not leave it
Cafes, shops, surfing clubs, fishing, beaches, mountains, the lake; you do not have to drive far (although even if you drive somewhere, this place is nearby). The whole world is out there for you to live comfortably even for a month.
For comfortable accommodation in small groups,
a large family, training group
7000€ for the whole house a week.
We can include what you like.
A crib is free of charge.
A fulfiling breakfast is included.
Contact Garda House
whatsapp: +7 910 43 57 396
via Monteccio 6, Brenzone sul Garda

It takes 5 minutes on foot from the house to the lake,
and 12 minutes from the lake to the house. It's a hill :)

Inform us beforehand on your arrival time and we will meet you with your suitcases at Assenza bus stop and bring you to the house by car.

If you come to the Garda House with young children or old parents, we will meet you under the hill after a walk and swimming and deliver you with comfort directly to the house.
We reply very quickly here