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Five places where you can have delicious food
and where you can get on foot from the Garda House
The first question we are asked is if we have vacant rooms, and the second most popular question is where one can go out to eat deliciously. Read this article to find out about restaurants nearest to the Garda House, where you can get on foot.
Ristorante Pizzeria Caprice

Address: Piazza San Nicolò, 4 37010 Assenza, 37010 Brenzone sul Garda VR
Distance: 650 meters towards the lake, traveling time: 7-10 minutes.
Open 11:00 am to 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

It is the closest cafe to us where you can get your pizza and basic Italian dishes: pasta, grilled lake fish, and salads. It prides itself with affordable prices (pizza Margherita costs 5 euro, while main course is about 11 to 14 euro) and relaxing atmosphere. In summer, some tables are put directly on the San Nicolò square and you can dine outdoors, enjoying the sunset and lavarello.
Barino 2.0

Address: Via Gardesana, 7, Assenza di Brenzone, 37010 Brenzone sul Garda VR
Distance: 650 meters towards the lake, traveling time: 7-10 minutes.

A lakeside bar where you can get an ice cream and go some place else (kids' favorite option) or sit at a table, sipping a glass of Aperol spritz and not going a-ny-whe-re (their dads' favorite option). Beverages: coffee, wine, cocktails, beer and delicious smoothies. Meals: burgers and Panini. Very delicious, by the way.
Ristorante Cassone

Address: Via Gardesana, 238, 37018 Malcesine VR
Distance: 1.2 km., 15 minutes on foot.

A controversial place: Anton (the one in the photo) and I love it for the flowers and candles, as well as a new interpretation of the products native for the Lake Garda region. Guests of the Garda House are divided into those who are just as fascinated, and those who expected something special and then went to the pizzeria opposite to eat normal food. My love: a coconut milk dessert with mango. You can read a menu here in advance.
Pizzeria Aril

Address: Via Porto, 3, 37018 Malcesine VR
The distance: 1.2 km., 15 minutes on foot.

It's quite interesting that Anton and I first came here (being led by a seducing smell), and after thirty minutes and one pizza went to try our luck in the Ristorante Cassone. The atmosphere of a German beer tavern in an Italian pizzeria that day was way too German. Pizza is really delicious here and smells so yummy, you will find this place without an address. By the way, the Aril river, which runs to the lake through the restaurant and the pizzeria, is the shortest river in Italy. It is only 200 meters long. Oh, and the Lake Museum is also worth your time.
Taverna del Capitano

Address: Via Porto, 3, 37018 Malcesine VR
The distance: 1.2 km, 15 minutes on foot.

A family tavern where everyone is busy doing his or her own things: someone catches a fish, someone cooks it and someone brings it to the guests. They say, the owner of the tavern is a local celebrity in his own right. Once he laid a table for the guests right above the tavern, on his balcony. They removed a drying frame with clothes on it, put some tablecloths on and served meals for a group of artists who did not have a table downstairs. This place is worth visiting to try fish and have a nice view of the lake.
However, of course, the closest place to eat is the where our chef Antonio is.

He can grill fish, stew a rabbit with olives and make a shrimp salad, after which you will want to lick your plate twice. We could come up with a long list of his masterpieces but better just visit his website.
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